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Business Research Method

Question 1

Find an article in a recent issue of an online academic business journal (try this link for a list of possible journals which have full text online:http://www.oajse.com/subjects/busin ess_and_management.html). Read and critique the article, using the Wallace & Wray questions, and giving the full reference in Harvard format.

Question 2

Explain the difference between mixed method and multi-method business research, giving an example of each.

Question 3

In 2018, Google, now part of the parent company Alphabet, changed its corporate code of conduct from “Don’t be evil” to “Do the right thing”. Using the Worcester code of research ethics, discuss this principal business value.

Question 4

Identify the advantages and disadvantages of 3 non-probability sampling techniques. List them and give an example of how each could be used in a business research project.

Question 5

Explain the different purposes of cross- tabulation and regression in quantitative business data analysis.

Question 6

Explain the reasons for piloting a questionnaire before using it in a research study. What would you do with the results of the pilot?

Question 7

Look for some international labour force statistics on the Web. Use Google, Eurostat, and OECD or any other online source to find comparative statistics for any two countries over the last five years. Give the results of your study and discuss how the different sources of information vary and what that means for secondary data use

Question 8

Explain the qualitative method “discourse analysis” and give an example of a business research project in which it would be particularly useful.

Question 9

Discuss the practical differences between interviewing a business leader on Skype or similar over the web and interviewing them in person.

Question 10

Discuss the value of Big Data in forecasting market demand.

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