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Marketing Management

Words : 3500

You need to choose an organisation whose marketing you will study. You can choose the same organisation as you did for the Formative Assessment. It can be almost any kind of entity: your own company, a local private firm, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), a Not for Profit Organisation (NPO), an educational institution or even a major corporation. It would however help if you it know well.

The chosen organisation needs to respect the following criteria:

to be an existing organisation whose correct name is used;

to have competition thereby excluding monopolistic entities;

not to be Apple, Coca-Cola or Safaricom (these have been chosen too often).

If you chose an NPO or NGO, you must be aware that the marketing effort of the organisation is directed at those who fund the organisation, usually called the donors. What the NPO or NGO does and who it may benefit are in fact part of the product.

Next analyse the application of as many of the concepts covered in this module as you can by the chosen organisation. You may recall in summary the concepts you use, but do not spend long describing the concept – we need you to analyse its application. The concepts are:

· The Marketing Mix - Ps and Cs

· Differentiation and Competitive advantage

· Commoditisation and Total Product & Solution Offering

· Segmentation

· Managing, especially the service element

· Experiential Marketing; Customer Relations and Experience Management

· Use of Internet in Marketing

· Pricing and Cost Structure

· Branding

· Sustainability, TBL and Stakeholders

Remember, we are not looking for a monograph on marketing management, nor for a series of definitions, nor for a summary of the material covered in the module nor even a new marketing strategy for the chosen organisation. Instead, we are looking for the analysis of application of the marketing concepts by a particular organisation of your choice.

Overall we shall be marking the analysis of the application each of the concepts , references and finally, the quality as a paper. The paper should be 3,500 words +/- 10%.

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