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Literature review on Policy Measures

Words : 1000

Based on research and analysis of secondary sources, students are required to do a literature review:

(1) Outline the need for policy measures in US, China and/or Singapore to close the gap between the digitally literate versus others who are unable to access the internet and/or unable to use digital tools/technologies offered by the tech giant companies (e.g. apps, social media, big data, etc.).

(2) Illustrate these policy measures with examples in data application/analysis, training/retraining digital skills and/or other measures. Explain local conditions in US/China/Singapore that complement some of these successful policies (e.g. in terms of political systems, privacy issues, funding situations, etc.) Discuss the effective policies promoting digital literacy that produced results and those that did not.

(3) State the effectiveness of these measures in tapping into the economic opportunities offered by digital companies (that often move fast to capture market shares with new technologies). Describe how the policies promote the use of digital technologies in your case studies of companies and/or societies (e.g. the ability to tap into big data, apps, A.I., social media, etc.).

(4) Discuss why their government’s policy measures complement the rise of these US/Chinese tech giants.
In writing this progress report, two features must be included: (a) A thesis statement;
(b) Footnotes (Chicago style) and bibliography
(The word limit of 1000 words is strictly enforced and pertains only to the main text. It excludes the bibliography, in-text citations, figure captions, headings and the cover page. Figures are optional but lengthy text embedded in any figure will not be marked as they do not count towards the word limit.)

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