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C++ program on menu driven application

Create a menu driven application that receives input from a textfile called “Numbers.txt” and loads the numbers into an array. It will also calculate the sum, save numbers to file, and allow the user to modify a number. The application should have the following functions:
void ReadNumbers(string filepath, int numbers[], int length); - 10pts
Define a function that sequentially reads each number from the textfile and loads them into the array.
void DisplayNumbers(int numbers[], int length); - 10pts
Define a function that displays all the numbers stored in the array.
int CalculateSum(int numbers[], int length); - 10pts
Define a function that calculates the sum of all numbers in the array and returns the sum.
void ChangeNumbers(int numbers[]); - 10pts
Define a function that allows the user to modify one of the numbers in the array.
 Ask the user for the index of the number that needs to be changed
 Ask them for the input.
 Assign the new number to array at the index specified by the user
void WriteNumbers(string filepath, int numbers[], int length); - 10pts
Define a function that writes each number from the array into the textfile. Write one number per line.
void DisplayMenu(); - 10pts
Display the following text:

int main() should do the following (include comments explaining your code for 10 pts)
1. Declare all variables for sum and choice. – 3pts
2. Declare a named constant for the length of the array with an assigned value of 10 – 3pts
3. Declare variable for the filepath – 0pts
4. Declare an integer array for the numbers using the named constant as the size declarator. – 3pts
5. Call the ReadNumbers function to load the array – 3pts
6. Display the menu – 3pts
7. Get choice from the user -3pts
8. Clear the screen – 0pts
9. Based a. b. c. d. e.
10. pause
11. While
on the user’s choice, call the appropriate function. -6pts
case 1: Call DisplayNumbers function
case 2: Call CalculateSum fuction and display the sum
case 3: Call Display Numbers and ChangeNumbers functions case 4: Call WriteNumbers
case 5: exit(1)
screen - system(“pause”) – 0pts
choice does not equal 5, repeat steps 6 to 10 – 6pts

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