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HRM report as an HR executive of a MiningCo

Words : 3000

The assessment of this subject supports students in developing their skills and knowledge in topics that include strategic human resources management, organisational design, culture and ethics, organisational behaviour, motivation and performance management. Retention and succession planning are important themes.

Assuming you are the Senior HR Executive for MiningCo, which operates in a range of isolated locations with many fly-in, fly-out staff on a rotating two-week roster basis. Analyse and reflect on the following three interrelated scenarios:
• Case one: you are tasked with researching the impact of introducing performance management initiative on the motivation of staff in your location. You are to make recommendations to the board, specifically on how the proposed initiative will impact on their decisions moving forward.
• Case two: MiningCo has a problem—each isolated site operates as a single entity and there is very little cross-over or staff rotation between them. The economic crisis in Greece and the increasing impact of the presence of ISIS in the Middle East on foreign nationals is resulting in many of the senior executives onsite wishing to leave. You will need to make recommendations to the board for how to curb any hysteria that ensues.
• Case three: you need to put together a crisis management team to manage the event that any substantial talent gap emerges at any individual site. You will need to decide on the selection criteria, the format, structure and function of the team and how you would reward them.
Following your analysis, present your findings and recommendations in a report addressed to the MiningCo board. You should make significant references to subject material and substantial wider reading using the Torrens University library. Attach appendices as necessary, noting that they are surplus to the report (and its word count) and, therefore, assume they may or may not be read by the board (and the marker). There is no prescribed format for the report; use your own research to inform its structure.
Assume the word limit is literally a limit and that the board will reject any paper that breaches it. Students should use the brief to guide what to include in the assessment and the following rubric to inform the standard required.

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