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Role of HRM in mergers and aquisitions

Words : 2250

Format / How should I set it out?

Introduction – Set out the key elements of the topic so that you have them as a frame for the

annotations. This is a good opportunity to briefly comment on the overall state of the literature on

the topic. (Total need have 70 ­ 100 Words)

Each entry (Total need have 1250 words) → (Summary 30­70 words , Critique

(50 – 90 words)

Article – set out correctly in the appropriate selected reference list format (APA or Chicago).

One to two paragraphs on the article (up to about 125 words on average) which briefly

summarise, then analyse and evaluate that reference.

Next article ­­­­­­­­ and so on (total 10 articles)

Literature Review (Total need have 300 – 500 words )

Using the reflections on the 10 articles, develop a narrative to discuss the selected topic

(Final belief / true or not true)

Conclusion ­ Bringing it all together. This is a good opportunity to present your overall analysis

on the literature you have reviewed. (Total need have 70 – 100 words )

Recommendations ­ (Critique) ( Total need have 70 – 100 words )

Culminate by highlighting the gaps identified and suggestions on addressing those gaps.

↓ ↓

Eg. Not enough journals Eg. More journal to solve the issue

Table ­ Please provide a table (one page) which lists the authors, the topic, and major

themes covered in the 10 articles (not included in the word count).

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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