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Healthcare Leadership in Newzealand

This assessment is an academic essay within which you are expected to use relevant published work to
demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the topics covered within this paper. The depth of your understanding should also draw upon your wider reading around the materials covered in lectures, group activities and on e-campus
This assesses learning outcomes one and two.
Your task is to critically examine the historical development of healthcare leadership in the New Zealand
context Drawing on one professional occupational group and making specific reference to the development of that profession, e.g. nursing, medicine, dentistry, etc. critically discuss
the leadership structures prevalent within that profession.
Then, analyse and evaluate three leadership theories or frameworks and then critically discuss the potential application of one of these theories or frameworks to an aspect of contemporary healthcare.
Provide a rationale for your choice of theory or framework.
Please refer to the marking rubric for a detailed breakdown of the marking requirements All work should be fully supported by current academic literature.

2500 words

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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