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Secure Network Project

Sample topics:
● Implementing a Secure email algorithm
● Achieving the Security on a web system
● Network traffic monitoring using Wireshark
● Filtering network traffic using Firewalls
•   Securing Apache Web Server using Digital Certificates
•   Using Firewall to Implement Access Control on Virtual Private Network
•    Sniffing Packets of A Private Virtual Network using Wireshark
•    DNSSec and Its Use for Authenticity and Integrity on Domain Name System
•    Configuring a Web proxy on Edian Firewall
•    Setting up OpenVPN on Private Networks
•   Configuring an IDS on Private Networks
The proposal of 1–2 pages includes: background, information/literature review,
motivations/aims, requirements and the implementation plan.
2.Project implementation
With this project, you should be able to employ various techniques/models/design criteria
from the lecture material into the system development.
Technical aspects include http, html (or xml), database connections, forms and CGI or ASP.
This is an implementation-oriented project which is based on the proposal ideas in the first PROPOSAL

3.Research report/Project
Reporting and Writing Assignment (suppose you are invited to write a chapter in a book on a
particular topic). Report Length: 4000–5000 words, about 20 pages long.
Based on the selected security topic in Assignment 1, write a project report on the
implementation of the project you have been working on in PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION. The project report
includes a literature review/background, recent developments, technique problems and
possible security solutions, and detailed implementation, followed by future directions.
The assignment will assess your research skill. You should develop a deep understanding
through extensive reading, and then be able to formulate your own view on the topic and
organize your presentation in a logical way.

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