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Research plan to understand the international travel needs of baby boomers in order to improve the brand equity of an international airline

Words : 4000

Background- Baby Boomers
From 1946 to 1965 (inclusive) there were 4.2 million births in Australia. This 20 year period is generally referred to as the "Baby Boom" (http://blog.id.com.au/2012/population/australian-demographic-trends/who-are-the-baby-boomers/) (http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/7d12b0f6763c78caca257061001cc588/c9c319dd7e17542fca2572e300810a3f!OpenDocument).
The buying power of the baby boomers is proving to be an undiscovered treasure, considering the fact that they represent the largest and fastest-growing market in Australia (http://www.marketsmartly.com/general/market-baby-boomers/).
Some research has suggested that Baby Boomers will be active travellers in 2015, anticipating taking 4-5 personal trips this year (http://www.aarp.org/research/travel/info-2014/travel-trends-2015.html)
Assume the role of the marketing research manager of an international airline and answer the following questions.

   •   An international airline would like to increase its share of the Australian market for international flights by the “Baby Boomer” segment of the Australian market by increasing its brand equity with this this group. Define the management decision problem and the marketing research problem(s).   (10 marks)
   •   An international airline would like to undertake research to increase its brand equity and in so doing better understand the preferences of Australian “Baby Boomers” towards International travel. What type of research design(s) should be adopted and why? (10 marks)   
   •   Use secondary sources to rationalise the variables that should be investigated in the qualitative and quantitative phases of this study. At least five areas of investigation should be noted, as well as discussing all relevant demographic factors that should be included as part of the investigation. This should be presented in the form of a literature review and should be of approximately 1500 words in length with clearly documented sources and references used. (References must include articles and journals and the reference should be made to the actual publication. Reference lists that comprise only of webpage links will not be acceptable. (Please note that the word count for the assignment and this section of the assignment does not include the reference list) (20 marks)

   •   Discuss the role of qualitative research in understanding the preferences of Australian Baby Boomers to international travel. Which qualitative research technique(s) should be used, and why? (10 marks)
   •   If a survey is to be conducted to understand the preferences of Australian Baby Boomers international travel needs, which survey method(s) should be used and why?
(10 marks)

   •   Develop a questionnaire of the type suggested in question 6. The questionnaire should include Likert, semantic differential, and Stapel scales for determining consumers’ international travel needs and should be of approximately 1000 words in length. (20 marks)
   •   Develop a sampling plan for administering the survey in question six.   (10 marks)

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