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Skillage it programming project

C#.NET Programming Project
You are on the Development team of a consulting company named ‘Skillage I.T.’. You have been
tasked with the creation and development of an application written in C#.NET and Java to support a
customer’s use case. You will use your newly gained knowledge to develop and code the application
as outlined in the Project Scenario document to facilitate a successful outcome for Skillage I.T.
1. You need to produce a software solution in response to, and aligned with the customer’s
requirements as outlined in the Project Scenario (located within the Supporting Documents
directory). This will incorporate x elements…
a. A windows client application developed in C#.NET
b. A web service accessible by the client application
c. A database hosted for the web service to access
d. Utilise an API of an external provider
2. This project has six distinct requirements to be achieved for assessment purposes. These
a. You are to develop an application using C# in the .NET framework (version 3.5)
utilising the Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Studio 2010 Integrated Development
b. You are to build a SQL Server database to be utilised incorporating the NYSE data
available as part of the supporting documentation
c. You are to build and host a (local) web service. The Visual Studio Development
Environment provides this functionality with relative ease
d. The application must be able to access and edit the data
e. You must incorporate the following:
i. At least two methods in the c# application must be overloaded
ii. Exception handling must be built into all code
iii. Version control of your code must be implemented within Visual Studio
iv. The C# application needs to incorporate serialisation of the data to bring it
local to the client
v. A custom log is to be created in Windows
f. An installation package is to be created
3. You are required to submit the following to Upskilled for assessment:
a. Any design documentation you utilise / create in defining the application
b. An object model of your completed application
c. A UML sequence diagram of your completed application
d. Please comment your code identifying the function of your code blocks
Programming_Project_CV Page 2 of 2
e. All solution files and configuration information required to run the applications, so
Upskilled may run the project for assessment
f. Online user documentation – Easy to read application help file
g. Developer documentation – A description of the application, a code block
breakdown and any details developers who edit your application in the future may
h. A document detailing the Test Plan including testing strategy(s), techniques and
results with this application
i. A plan for source code control detailing how you are going to manage multiple
programmers working on your project.
j. A short paper (less than 1000 words) introducing your application and any
information, design elements or coding experiences you would like to convey, or
feel support your decision making in regards to any element of the project
Ensure to detail any assumptions you make in regards to this project.
If you require any further information, please speak with your lecturer.

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