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Psychology at workplace

Words : 2500


If we wish to impact upon employee behaviour to gain the best performance outcomes and

the best outcomes for job satisfaction, we need to consider the organizational and

employment conditions in which people work – from the job and its goals through to wider

organisational conditions.

Using Organisational Behaviour theories and concepts you have studied, examine the effects

of ‘the organizational and employment conditions in which people work’ on employee attitude

and behavioural job outcomes such as job satisfaction, intention to quit, organizational

support, motivation, organizational citizenship behaviour and employees' job performance.


This assignment requires knowledge and understanding of the OB theory and concepts. In

addressing this question you need to critically examine the ideas presented within the

theories, and consider how they help you to make sense of the issue. The aim of this

assignment is not to merely summarise theories as discussed within the textbook, but to

examine them in terms of their relevance and assistance.

Your discussion should include appropriate academic references, such as academic journal

articles; which should be used to develop and support your point of view.

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