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Analysis of the case study - Putting a new spin on laundry

Words : 2000

Following 2 questions are answered -

1. "Four young entrepreneurs are taking the traditional way of doing laundry and dry cleaning and giving it a spin by employing new solutions that replaces harsh chemicals"

Using information in the article to support your reasoning, evaluate whether the business venture includes these 4 key features of an opportunity based DIFA model. Would you invest in this business? Explain your response.

2. "The firm has employed 15 people and will hire more as the business grows. The founders are aware that they face stiff competition - big players include Laundry Network and Presto but Mr Yu maintains that he and his partners are not daunted"

The growth stage often signals the beginning of a metamorphosis from a personal venture to a group-structured operation. Discuss the key factors and implications of growth that Mr Yu and his partners should understand and manage during this stage of the venture life cycle.

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