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web technology assignment using xhtml

The basic design of the site should be the following:
•   There should be an entrance page to the site. This should be simple but entice the potential buyer to look further into the site. It should also contain basic information about the site.
•   From the entrance or welcome page there should be links to each of the major sections of the site.
1.   A section containing the product catalogue. This section should contain a minimum of three pages. The main catalogue page (an entrance to the catalogue pages) that should just contain links with explanations to the various catalogue sections (an image-map could be used here). There should be a minimum of two sections, one section to a page (for example: shrubs and trees, say).
The catalogue should contain pictures of the fully grown plant, with some basic information about the plant — such as, height, width, preferred situation (sunny, partial sun, shade, &c), drought tolerant &c.
2.   A section describing the company. How long it has been in business, where it is located, how it sources its seeds, &c.
This section should contain a minimum of two pages.
3.   A section for submitting orders. (For this assignment this will be a place-holder page that will be completed in Assignment Two. (It must still give useful information to the visitor!)
4.   A help section. In a normal site this would contain helpful navigation tools such as a search engine and/or a detailed site map.
This is not what you will be using this section for!
This section will be used by you to document your solution to both assignments. That is, it will contain information about, and links to the required elements that you must include into your site.
Also use this section to pass any information you deem important to the assignment marker. Especially if you had trouble with aspects of the assignment and have not completed the assignment fully—you can explain the trouble you had and show how you attempted to solve the problems. This can be very important for Assignment Two code as it shows even though the code may not work that you are aware of this and tried to fix it.
•   The design of individual pages must be consistent across the site. This means ALL pages (place-holder pages, the help section, &c.).
Required elements must be included in the site in a consistent way and be relevant to the overall design and the pages they are in.
•   Your site should attempt to apply the ideas discussed in Chapter 5 (Web Design) of the Study Book. The design ideas you attempted to include into your site should be discussed in the help section with references to the ideas in Chapter 5.
•   Simple and clear navigation elements must be part of each page's design. These elements should allow the visitor to navigate around the site without any effort.
•   Your page design should be done using at minimum, CSS2 positioning or float properties only. As browsers are not consistent in their implementation of CSS2 (even more so with CSS3) commands you must use either the Firefox browser or a Firefox clone such as Iceweasel to test your site as Firefox will be the browser used to mark your assignment.

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