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Research paper on Automobile Industry in Japan

Words : 1500


This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:
   •   Describe the different theories that explain trade flows into and Selective country. Japan
   •   Discuss the implications that international trade theory and government trade policy has for trade prospects in your industry.
   •   Discuss the prospects for inward and/or outward FDI for your industry into and/or out of your home country.
For this assignment, you will research an industry’s trade and investment prospects in your home country.

Action Items

   •   Go to the discussion board in Industry Selection to see which industry your professor selected for you to research. (Automobile in Japan)
   •   Review the Industry Research page of the MBA Library GuideLinks to an external site..
   •   Review the sample APA paper in Academic Paper Guidelines in the Policies and Resources navigation.
   •   Research the following for your paper:
   •   Your assigned industry and its history of the selective country. (Automobile in Japan)
   •   How international trade theory can explain your industry’s competitiveness and the trade flows associated with it in and out of your country.
   •   The prospects for inward and/or outward FDI for your industry into and/or out of your home country.

   •   Write a 6- to 7-page paper that addresses your research. At a minimum, your paper should have five sections that include an introduction, a section for each of three research topics in the Purpose, and a conclusion. You are to have at least six credible sources to support your paper with at least two of these from the MBA Journal List. Format the paper according to the Academic Paper Guidelines. 

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