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Case study on Disney Company during coronavirus

Words : 2000

Case Study Analysis: Read the following news article by CNN about Disney company and
then answer the questions below.
Source: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/05/04/media/disney-future-coronavirus/index.html

Disney faces an unknown future as coronavirus hobbles its media empire
Crowded theme parks. Theaters packed with boisterous Marvel and Star Wars fans. Bustling hotels, cruise ships and retail stores. No media company seems more vulnerable to social distancing than Disney.
Over the last century, Disney (DIS) has built a sprawling empire centered around entertaining large crowds in dense spaces. But following one of its best years ever in 2019 — including the record-breaking release of "Avengers: Endgame" and the launch of new Star Wars lands at its theme parks — the pandemic brought Disney to a halt in a matter of days.
CEO Bob Chapek is during dealing with the health and economic crisis. Yet as they deal with the immediate blow to earnings,— which have become sudden liabilities because of the virus — could offer a light at the end of the tunnel.
'It has gone from great to good to bad to worse'
"What everyone's worrying about is that we don't know when things are going to get back to normal. We also don't know whether behaviors change in the future," Michael Nathanson, a media analyst, told CNN. "Will people be reluctant to go to parks? Will people want to sit in the theater next to strangers for fear of catching the virus? That's what the market is wrestling with when it comes to Disney."
Disney furloughs employees 'whose jobs aren't necessary at this time'
The pandemic has hit Disney particularly hard. Its parks and resorts have closed around the
world, major films like "Mulan" and "Black Widow" are delayed.
This has led Disney to furlough thousands of employees and led its stock to drop 27% year to date. Disney did not have a comment on this story.
"With the businesses unable to operate, Disney is just going to get decimated in 2020 on free cash flow and profitability," Nathanson added. "It has gone from great to good to bad to worse."
However, Disney is still Disney — a company with a beloved brand and an array of franchises that remain the envy of the industry. As consumers grapple with the psychological effects of being locked up for so long, will there be pent-up demand in the long-term for Disney's crowd- based entertainment experiences?
Or will consumer habits shift for good?
'No one is suddenly bored of Disney'
"The ability for Disney to thrive in so many applications — TV, comics, film, parks, books, on- ice shows, video games — is encouraging," Matthew Ball, a former Amazon (AMZN) Studios executive, told CNN Business. "Most companies don't have the intellectual property, let alone the culture or skill set, that Disney does when it comes to finding out how to delight customers in new ways and through new products in a post-COVID world."
Ball added that "no one is suddenly bored of Disney" and that before coronavirus, "no media company was more beloved."
Suzanne Scott, an assistant professor at the University of Texas, telling CNN Business that Disney fans are "incredibly loyal to the brand." She doesn't believe that this crisis will change that.
"We associate Disney with family, which is at the forefront of everyone's mind right now," she said. Scott emphasized that people will be craving events and communal experiences once it is safe to collectively gather again."
Robert Niles, editor of ThemeParkInsider.com, believes that Disney's parks and resorts will face the greatest challenges in terms of reopening, and that those challenges probably won't be resolved any time soon. However, he added that Disney has spent years and billions to position itself as "a lifestyle brand — not just an entertainment company or a vacation destination."
That bond with consumers gives Disney "an enormous head start relative to its competition when
stay-at-home orders lift," he said.


Answer ALL 4 questions on a separated MS Word document answer sheet.
Make sure to mention your Full Name, Student ID & Question number on the answer sheet 20 Marks
1. From your understanding of the article and with supported evidence:
a) describe any two challenges where the pandemic affected Disney. (3 Marks)
b) describe brand positioning and customer relationship of Disney. (3 marks)

2. Explain why reducing the product prices of Disney won’t be ideal for the company. State the pricing strategy that would work better instead and why. (4 Marks)

3. Based on the case, where does Disney stands on the Product Life Cycle? What options does the company have in this stage to survive? (4 Marks)

4. If you were the marketing director of Disney, how will you promote the Disney Application during corona virus pandemic? Describe three strategies. (6 Marks)

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