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Operation Project Management

You will produce a project plan for a suitable project for your work-place. If there is not much scope of developing a project plan in relation to your work-place, you must agree a project title of your choice and scope with your tutor.
The Project Plan will include the use of Project Management tools and techniques studied and discussed in the class. You will need to submit the project plan (along with relevant appendices and supporting documentation) as an Individual Report.

You should include the following:
•   Project Introduction and Objectives
•   Project team and their roles
•   Project stages and key deliverables, with a discussion centered around the 4 D’s concept
•   Project time management (Work Breakdown Structure; Activity List; Network Diagram and Critical Path)
•   Project cost management plan
•   Project Risk Log/Risk Register

2000 words

48-72 Hours
Just 4-10 Days
11+ days

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