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Critically evaluate the application of Leadership & Management Theories within a contemporary organisation with which you are familiar

Words : 6000

1. INTRODUCTION - +/- 650 words - Marking Guide 10%
 Context; outline the importance of L&M theories as a point of discussion today.

As presented and supported by different academicians, Leadership theories are schools of thought
brought forward to explain how and why certain individuals become leaders. The theories emphasize
the traits. ... Leadership plays an important function in management and behaviors that individuals
can adopt to boost their own leadership abilities.
On the other hand Scientific Management theory was necessitated due to the need to increase
productivity. ... To increase the productivity was to increase efficiency of workers. There for ,Frederick
W. Tylor, Henry L. Gantt, and Frank and Lillian Gilbreth devised the body of principle know as
scientific management theory.
The importance of L&M theories cannot be over emphasised.

 State the Aim of Assignment/Report
 Introduce the organisation (small/large business, family business, cooperative, multinational),
number of employees, sector of activity (products, services), organisational structure, mission,
 Overview of the Methodology:
Type of analysis to be conducted - Quantitative/ Qualitative/ both
Type of data to be analysed - Primary/Secondary data/ both
Desk Research, Literature Review (Academic and Sector)
 Present an Overview of the actual structure of the Report

2. CRITICAL EVALUATION OF LITERATURE REVIEW – +/-1900 words - Marking Guide 30%
The use of relevant and contemporary academic and sector references is critical
Include academic Leadership and Management Theories or analysis models to be used in Section 3 and
Section 4

3. 3. CRITICAL DISCUSSION of Practice in the Organisation – +/- 1900 words - Marking Guide 30% Section based on the practices within the organisation
Re-Introduce the organisation, present the organisational context that underpins the critical discussion
Possible questions to help you develop the critical discussion:
 What is the most suitable model that will assist in the analysis of the organisation, in order to
structure the critical discussion of the Leadership and Management practices in the organisation? PESTLE, 5 Forces, ......, 4I’s of TL, ....... , Hofstede Culture, other.........................
 Are there critical events (internal or external) that have significantly affected the Leadership and Management practices in the organisation?
Critically discuss the Leadership and Management practices in the Organisation, whilst cross-referencing to the theoretical context/literature review presented in Section 2

4. CRITICAL Evaluation on the fit between Theory & Practice – +/-1250 words - Marking Guide 20%
Possible questions, which may help with the critical evaluation of the fit between Theory & Practice
 Were all L&M theories presented in Section 2 present in the L&M practices in the organisation?
 What are the aspects of the L & M theories that best fit the L&M practice in the organisation?
 What are the aspects of the L & M theories that least fit the L&M practice in the organisation?
 Are there any L&M practices within the organisation that were not included in the L&M theories
presented in section 2? If so, specify
 Are there any emerging trends that diverge or converge between Theory and Practice?

5. CONCLUSION – +/- 300 words - Marking Guide 5%
Summary of the key points identified from Sections 3 and Section 4

Must use USW Harvard Style Referencing
A minimum of 35 to 45 references (Acceptable Academic references)
Overall Presentation, Structure, Style and Referencing – Marking Guide 5%
 Overall presentation, structure, style and referencing matters
 Recommended Structure for Assignment/Report aligned to Marking Guide
 Must be written in the 3rd person – academic writing
 Ensure to label any all diagrams or tables, including source
 Ensure the assignment has page numbers
 Ensure to use English (UK) spell check function
 Must use USW Harvard Style Referencing throughout the Report and in the References section.

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