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Below are Essay & Assignments tackled by us on E-Business

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  • Business modeling assignment
  • This document provides answers to the following questions –
    What is the place of Business modeling in relation the various classifications of systems such as MIS, DSS and Expert Systems?
    What kind of development process is possible with Business modeling and how does this relate to traditional methodologies such as SDLC and end user development?
    What kind of Business modeling is suited for spreadsheets and what types of models can be considered?
    What kind of Business modeling is best suited to database?
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  • E-business model design project on Bus transport in India
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  • A critical analysis and Problem definition report on Enterprise Data Processing (EDP)
  • Part 1 – Critical analysis on Enterprise Data Processing (EDP)
    Paper 1 – Investing in the IT that makes a competitive difference
    Paper 2 – Electronic data processing & the accounting faculty
    Paper 3 – A survey on electronic data processing and its potential impacts upon accounting procedures, personnel and education
    Part 2 – Problem definition report on Enterprise Data Processing (EDP)
    Enterprise Data Processing (EDP) List of references
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  • Analysis of the Business ethics case study on Publius
  • This assignment is based on the following case study –


    Although many people believe that the World Wide Web is anonymous and secure from

    censorship, the reality is very different. Governments, law courts and other officials who

    want to censor, examine, or trace a file of materials on the Web need merely go to the

    server (the online computer) where they think the file is stored. Using their subpoena

    power, they can comb through the server’s drivers to find the files they are looking for

    and the identity of the person who created the files.

    On Friday June 30, 2000, however, researchers at AT&T Labs announced the creation of

    Publius, a software program that enables Web users to encrypt (translate into a secret

    code) their files – Text , pictures , or music – break them up like the pieces of a jigsaw

    puzzle , and store the encrypted pieces on many different servers scattered all over the

    World Wide Web. As a result, anyone wanting to examine or censor the files or wanting

    to trace the original transaction that produced the file would find it impossible because

    they would have to examine the contents of dozens of different servers all over the world,

    and the files in the servers would be encrypted and fragmented without the help of the

    person who created the file. A person authorized to retrieve the file, however, would look

    through a directory of his files posted on a Publius – affiliated website, and the Publius

    network would reassemble the file upon request.

    Although many people welcomed the way that the new software would enhance freedom

    of speech on the Web, many others were dismayed. Bruce Taylor, an activist for the

    National Law center for Children and Families, stated: “Its nice to be anonymous, but

    who wants to be more anonymous that criminals, hackers and email virus punks?” Aviel

    Rubin and Lorries Cranor, the creators of Publius hoped, however, that their program

    would help people in countries where freedom of speech was repressed and individuals

    were punished for speaking out. The ideal user of Publius, they stated was “a person in

    China observing abuses of Human rights on a day-to-day basis.”

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  • This paper answers the following questions on the case study –

    1. Propose how you would design your supply chain if you were a major customer of FedEx (say, an international retailer of clothes)
    2. Assess how FedEx fits into the virtual supply chain of its customers
    3. Evaluate and prioritize the prerequisites for a virtual supply chain? (Integration: internal and external)
    4. Reflect on how has IT changed the definition of “logistics”?
    5. Evaluate how has FedEx gone about building its e-business, including what are the main components of this business strategy?

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  • Analysis of the e-commerce website http://www.secondhandmall.com/ and suggestions on the ways in which its operations can be improved
  • The study is based on an e-business website and a research on its operation at current point of time. How it is effecting the branding of the business, the ways it is using networking for positioning the business in a more effective way. The impact and benefits of mass customizing of the business and service they are offering to their target customers.
    Moreover research on the recent strategies the company is following for gaining competitive edge in the business environment. It is also been done so as to improve on the action plan of the company. The study is an evaluative advance supported by the theoretical concepts and approach to realize the operation functions of the website and its growth opportunities in the future.
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  • Analysis of the E-commerce website www.bagborroworsteal.com
  • Introduction 3
    Challenges 4
    Bag Borrow and Steal 5
    Current Marketing Mix 6
    SWOT Analysis 8
    PESTLE Analysis 10
    Internet and other Marketing Strategies 12
    Budget and Priority Allocation 13
    Recommendations 14
    Conclusion 15
    Bibliography 16
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  • Analysis of the famous Boo.com failure
  • • Introduction
    • Background
    • The collapse of Boo.com
    • Further information
    • Technology: Delivery platform and development tools
    • Technology: Web-site design
    • Finance
    • Internet Marketing
    • Management
    • The re-launched Boo.com
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  • Analysis of the famous case study – ‘Structural transformation through E-Business in the Logistics Industry – The Case of FEDEX Corporation’
  • The report is a strategic analysis of a case study on FedEx, a global logistics system which has recently emerged as a 24 x 7 online operating organization. Coming to the purview, the case study highlights on the fact that FedEx which is a Logistics Company is rapidly expanding its operations across the world and today has emerged to be one of the largest global logistics company. The organization caters to the different needs of customers across the globe and for the convenience of which they have emerged as an online operations company. The emergence of e- business and integration of internet technology in the business processes has made the company strategic and has widened its scope of operations across the world.

    The internet technology plays a crucial role in expansion worldwide and smoothen the business processes for greater efficiency. The essay begins with the critical analysis of industry analysis of FedEx and where it stands today in the global scenario. The porters five forces model identifies the core competencies and dynamics of FedEx which makes them strategic in the industry. The second section describes the strategic alliances formed by the company to capture competitiveness in the society by means of its branding strategy and services offered. Lastly, the focus of issue has been on corporate social responsibility and initiatives taken by organization to improve its visibility in the economy of operations.
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  • Analysis of the famous case study – Amazon in Europe
  • Executive summary on Amazon in Europe
    Introduction to Amazon.com
    Evolution at Amazon.com
    Amazon in European market
    Challenges faced by Amazon in Europe
    Amazon inventory management
    Advantages of outsourcing on Amazon.com
    Conclusion of Assignment on Amazon.com
    End notes for Amazon.com
    References on Amazon.com
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